LakeTelekom Offers Unbeatable Conectivity Plans

The arrival of fiber to the home on the Nigeria communications landscape heralds a new era of speed and information availability.

Our Services

We provide unlimited internet connections

LakeTelekom don’t stop at home broadband. We also offer total business solutions with internet. We’ve got the whole package.

We deliver – the fastest broadband speed available in your area (that’s up to 1Gb/s, if you care to know).

We offer – immediate, problem-busting, custom solutions to suit every budget.

We are – very well-funded, and a company you can rely on for the future.


We are a brand new all fiber network, built from scratch and designed for the digital age. Our network is newer, faster, smoother, more reliable.
Using the latest technology, our network has created a new standard, for now, and for generations to come.


For the first time, you can choose the connection your business actually needs and deserves, and at an affordable price. That’s because at LakeTelekom, we’re purpose-building an intelligent network for the data age, powering connectivity so quick and reliable you can take it for granted.


In this digital age, a good broadband connection is a must-have for both residential and commercial tenants. That’s why, as a landlord, it’s important to offer a fast, reliable digital connection, in order to attract and retain long-term tenants.


Powered by 100% full fiber - say goodbye to WiFi dead spots and turn your home into the ultimate hotspot with our WiFi in Every Room service guarantee, installed by our engineers.

Why Lake Telekom?

Our supersonic Carrier-Grade  Internet is delivered across our own Hybrid Fiber&fixed wireless integrated network  so we have total quality control. Here’s what really sets us apart from other providers:

Our In-House Engineering

The highest internet speeds are delivered on our fully owned and managed network, with our Mesh WIFI, Pro-gaming WIFI solutions you can boost and optimize your internet speeds to peak performance.

Truly Unlimited Internet

Say goodbye to throttling and data overage charges. Say hello to all the high-speed you could need.

Fast Installations

No waiting for months on end. We’ll have you installed quickly and efficiently.

Low Latency

Super-low latency that averages under 5 milliseconds.

24/7  support

We are always here to help you whenever you need us. We offer 24/7 support.

we are neayby

Local internet service provider serve you better.

What Our Client’s Say

Jacob Sunday from KeyEstate,Abuja

Michael from Green Vally estate,Abuja

"You guys have definitely lived up to everything you said you would do... very refreshing these days."

We Know What You’re Looking for!

We love the high-speed internet and unlimited data as much as you do!

As one of the best internet providers in Abuja, we strive to provide high-quality Internet at affordable prices with a focus on customer experience and satisfaction.

At LakeTelekom we believe in the internet without limits!

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